Jane Pascua

After finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy in the Philippines in the year 2014, Jane worked at various hospitals and sports rehabilitation clinics. Jane has developed interest in treating different musculoskeletal, post-operative, sports and occupational related injuries. Jane completed a post graduate mentorship program in manual therapy and expanded her knowledge in assessment and treatment in manual therapy.

She moved to Australia, looking forward to enhance her craft, expand her knowledge and upskill her career by learning from her mentors, colleagues and clients. Jane may be young but she sees this opportunity as being the best time to learn more about her chosen field based on the current Evidence Based research.

For her, being a Physiotherapist is not just about making a person feel better and regain their strength and functionality. What inspires and makes her enthusiastic with her work is meeting new people and gaining wisdom from them. Reminding her that there is more to life that we could learn and appreciate. And that too is what she hopes her patients gain from her.